What coating does Purplechef use?

Purplechef uses our proprietary 5 layer titanium infused nonstick coating. All our coating are PFOA and Cadmium Free.

What makes Purplechef coating special?

Purplechef’s purple nonstick coating lasts 5 times longer than traditional Teflon coating. We add this coating to the inside and outside of our cookware to make cleaning a breeze.

Are Purplechef cookware induction compatible?

All Purplechef cookware are induction compatible and is perfect for gas, electric stoves as well.

What utensils should I use?

Please use non-metal utensils such as bamboo, nylon, silicon, etc.

Will the nonstick coating wear overtime?

All nonstick coating and coating in general will wear over time. Due to Purplechef utilizing 5 layers instead of the traditional 1 layer of nonstick, our coating will last at least 5 times longer.

How do I care for my cookware?

Always preheat pan prior to cooking. Do not overheat pans as our 5 layer coating distributes heat evenly and quickly. Since cookware is already nonstick, only a little bit of oil is needed. Although our cookware is dishwasher safe, hand washing will prolong the life of the nonstick even further. Always allow cookware to fully cool before washing them in warm soapy water.